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Seriously. Reblogging this again for all of this but especially the Aspergers syndrome. I have ALL of my respect for the people who have to deal with any of these mental issues, but I feel like it’s necessary to highlight Aspergers because I have it and I have not EVER heard a single person talk about it.

Don’t insult people by calling them Autistic, or that someone has given you Aspergers by how idiotic they are being.

You cannot know how terrifyingly lonely this is. You cannot know how much I want pure, complete human connections but I cannot have them. You have no idea how much my condition has made me turn inwards and destroy myself mentally because of something I cannot control.

I have immense respect for everyone who has to deal with a mental issue, but please remember those who are autistic. Everyone seems to forget them.



Terms like “bipolar”, “autistic” and “schizophrenic” are often used in jest to describe character traits. But how harmful is it to bandy the names of such conditions about?

Thanks to eller-hur for the heads up!

I feel you need to remind fandom how the misuse of mental health terms is bad. I get so sick to my stomach over people making characters “bipolar” for “lol insane weird stories!!!11!!!” Please stop that guys.  

I wholeheartedly agree. Psychological OCD is not what people believe obsessions are. The term “obsession” is so misused.